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iMingle is different than typical dating apps and social networks. We offer public forum chatting, events calendar, plus all the basic features of dating apps for those looking to find dates. You do not have to be single to join iMingle. Many of our members are in relationships and not looking for any romantic type relationships. Many members just want to participate in the events and increase their social life.  Many members want to date but don’t want the expectations of ‘having’ to date or ‘interview’ someone so they attend events and meet possible partners in a more natural way. Whatever you are looking for on iMingle we recommend you take the time to search the navigation areas mentioned below. We are sure you will enjoy the features once you take the time to learn how and where to access the content.

iMingle is a free service. We have no intent to charge members in the future. We plan to better develop our services over time so tell your friends! We hope to see you host events and attend events.

A basic heads up on the features available at iMingle:

To refresh any page to load the most recent content you can swipe down from the top of the screen.

Top navigation tabs that give you quick access to:

  • Top Left House Icon (this will pop-out an area for you to edit your profile, quickly access your message inbox, upload media images and more. We recommend over time click on all the links to see which ones are of interest for your preferred use. This area will help you navigate all the features of the app)
  • Top ‘’ Text (this will link to the page you are on right now. Doh!)
  • Top Right 3 Lines Icon (this will give you more basic navigation features to post topics, forums, events, etc.)

Bottom navigation tabs that give you quick access to:

  • Public Chat (lists the latest top 15 topics in the public forums)
  • Post Topic (quickly post a topic to the public forums)
  • Events (Calendar of the listed events. At the bottom of this page you can also post and host your own event for free)
  • Members (search iMingle members)
  • Alerts (a list of your alert notifications)

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